Nonsense Lab
Bill ViolaThe Veiling1995videotape on scrim

Bill Viola
The Veiling
videotape on scrim

Department of Biological Flow
mixed media and closed-circuit video installation

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Pinkeye challenges normative understandings of the surveillance apparatus by introducing qualities of contagion, infection or proliferation to the cybernetic coupling of the closed-circuit video loop. Given the static nature of the installation, however, this contagion is ambiguous: does it attack the central locus of surveillant optics, or is it rather being secreted outward in capillarized form?

Marcel MarienL’absence de sens1985
silver print on original mount7” x 9.5”

Marcel Marien
L’absence de sens
silver print on original mount
7” x 9.5”

Dutch Invertuals
Invertuals 3
installation and performance

A.F. Vandevorst
Human Candle
wax sculpture

this is the way you used to tie my hair.

this is the way you used to tie my hair.