Nonsense Lab

Department of Biological Flow
Three Lines for Plant Activation
motion study and video

John FranzenEach Line One Breath2013ink drawing on paper

John Franzen
Each Line One Breath
ink drawing on paper

Gad Fleischwitz
land art
Amherst Island, Ontario

Huguette CalandGolden Daisies2009mixed media on linen61 x 90cm

Huguette Caland
Golden Daisies
mixed media on linen
61 x 90cm

Ana Teresa Barboza
untitled works
embroidery and transfer on canvas
5 pieces of 32cm x 45cm

Oleg Dou

from top:

Mask (2011)
Mask 2 (2011)
Rombs 2 (2011)
Eyes 2 (2012)
Smile (2011)

all images c-prints under diasec

Mia Liu
Can’t Stop Rolling it Up
acrylic on watercolor paper and aluminum plate

- - -

"The story of Can’t Stop Rolling It Up has started from a flat drawing. After being enlarged proportionally onto 144 full-sheet water color papers, the drawings are cut, curled, and then pieced together onto an aluminum board. Shades that appear underneath the curls also become part of the visual elements in the work. Simply by adjusting the viewing distance, the audience also shifts between macrocosmic or microcosmic views, experiencing the work in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional aspects.”

Rollin Leonarduntitled2012net art

Rollin Leonard
net art

Lin TianmiaoFocus2001digital c-type print on canvas, hair, silk threads, cotton threads95 1/4” x 5” x 69 3/4”

Lin Tianmiao
digital c-type print on canvas, hair, silk threads, cotton threads
95 1/4” x 5” x 69 3/4”

Carla Gannis
Non-Facial Recognition
digital pigment prints and single channel video