Nonsense Lab

Department of Biological Flow
ICQ (Inverted Cubofuturist Query)
[World Record Attempt]
forthcoming, 2012

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If contemporary explorations in the arts and sciences are increasingly turning to the insect world for inspiration, then we must inquire after the particular types of relations that we are describing in this valorization. Put differently, with the thousands upon millions of insect species currently flying, crawling and swarming over the earth, the non-human turn in art and philosophy can pretty much locate any metaphor it wishes in order to explicate a particular form of expression.

What are the particulars? Insects, in toto, offer very different tempos, life expectancies, modalities of movement, moments of articulation, et cetera, than we humans — perhaps we turn to them too readily to find new models for living? In our valorization of the insects and the corresponding non-human turn are we simply abdicating our responsibility for the capitalist regime that only we humans have created?

Do we seek to simply represent insects, or do we seek a becoming-insect towards a new consideration of ethics within the contemporary ecologies of the electric?