Nonsense Lab

Department of Biological Flow
9-Bit Cyborg
analogue encoding system

Hans BrederBody Sculpture1972

Hans Breder
Body Sculpture

Swapnaa Tamhane
The Institute of Knots
performative installation
Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Independent Projects
Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art courtyard, Toronto

- - -

"Viewers were invited to make knots, while I unknotted the knots simultaneously."

Dutch Invertuals
Invertuals 3
installation and performance

Anders Krisár
Flesh Cloud #1 (top)
Flesh Cloud #2 (bottom)
chromogenic prints mounted to class
each 141 x 180 cm

Patricia Reed
The One As The Many (Purple Square)
purple election ink on paper
132 X 132 cm

(installation view and detail)

- - -

Aesthetic Management: “The same ink that is used in new democracies to prevent election fraud by marking ones finger (remaining for three days), has been used to performatively stamp a surface with the single index finger of the artist, creating an inconsistent monochrome.”

Marina Abramović and UlayRelation in Time1977still from performance-(youtube)

Marina Abramović and Ulay
Relation in Time
still from performance

Department of Biological FlowImago (Kino-Butterfly · Someone Might Be Listening · Lorenz Security Ltd.)April 28, 2011performance and archive

Department of Biological Flow
Imago (Kino-Butterfly · Someone Might Be Listening · Lorenz Security Ltd.)
April 28, 2011
performance and archive

Department of Biological Flow
Ghosts in the Machine (Flight of the Mecha Butterflies)
installation (above: floor plan schematic)

- - -

a proposition unfolding

1. affix mesh screen to paper coveralls to form the contours of a mesh skin suit.

2. arrange 8-foot-high walls of mesh screen, in various lengths, along horizontal, vertical and diagonal vectors around the gallery space.

3. participants who visit the gallery space will receive a mesh skin suit to wear for the duration of their stay.

4. participants move freely through the gallery space, forming ghostly topologies of moiré patterns.