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Department of Biological Flow
ICQ (Inverted Cubofuturist Query)

Marcel Duchamp
Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2
oil on canvas


But the story is not finished. I run as fast as I can — through the crowd, away from the crowd, around the corner. I duck down an alleyway, past the old truck symphony installation, till I find a point of refuge, a quiet clearing at the periphery of the Distillery District. I stand there, panting …

(What the fuck did I just do?)

A few minutes later I loop back to the site of performance — the site of rupture. Already the crowd has mostly dispersed, wandering elsewhere in the Nuit Blanche festival. I slip on some overclothes and a toque, and continue the cleanup efforts already underway. None of the pedestrian passers-by appear to recognize me.

Holey space?

- - -

Joseph Weissman: “Becoming imperceptible perhaps relates to this glimpse of a body of pure light and our reaction to it — our turning-away from one another and from ourselves, our disappearance into ourselves and into the vortex of capital and technology. Our spectrality is perhaps a symptom of our terror at discovering what we are becoming. We are haunted by the future.”