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Friend, Louis. (2011). 'Lament for Asger Jorn'.
in process (current running time: approx. 35 mins.)

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Daniel Kunitz: “Original as these strategies are, a few artists put written narrative to an even more inventive use. If stories operate through seduction, finding compelling ways to maintain intercourse with the reader, then the result of such couplings is, inevitably, the production of offspring. Several of the artists mentioned literalize this trope. For them the story is a means of generating new art objects. Mellors’s Rabelaisian tale ‘Giantbum’ was written to provide the scenario for various video scripts he subsequently made and also as a vehicle for the creation of animatronic sculptures. For the past decade or so, everything produced by the artist Mai-Thu Perret has sprung from ‘The Crystal Frontier,’ her ongoing written tale of a utopian, all-female feminist community in the southwestern U.S. desert. Composed of discrete fictional texts in various genres — expository prose, diary entries, letters, daily schedules, and so on, parts of which she sometimes displays and sometimes publishes — the narrative creates a world that Perret then fills with objects. ‘The story was imagined at the beginning,’ Perret says in a 2009 interview, ‘as a kind of machine that makes the art.’”


Texting: The Artist as Writer as Artist,” ARTINFO: Modern Painters, June 2011.

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